If you have not read the previous posts, go back and read them.  We are trying to lay a foundation, so don’t skip these important posts!!!

In Week 1, you identified your priorities and evaluated your calendar and your life in light of these.  Did you see any gaps?  Did you identify areas that you want to change?  Then, don’t waste any more time.  Make it happen!!  You only get ONE life, make the most of it!  If making these changes feels overwhelming and you would like help, schedule a session with me.  I would LOVE to guide you through the process of living the life you want to live.  Click here to see what I offer.

Makeover your morning

This may sound like torture or maybe impossible, but hang in there with me!  If you know me, you know I am all about taking steps.  ONE small step in the right direction that sticks is better than an overhaul that you attempt to do, then get overwhelmed, frustrated and quit.  This is the same approach I will take as we evaluate our mornings.

Watch the video below as I give you a visual for WHY this is so important:

So, how do you makeover your morning?  You approach each morning with intentionality and place your big rocks in FIRST!  What does that look like for you?  Go back to your notes from Week 1 where you identified what is most important to you.  Now, think about that priority and what would it look like if you implemented it into your day?  What would you need to do to know that you are accomplishing your priority?  These specific things are your big rocks.  Once you identify them, how can you put them into your morning routine?  What needs to shift?  What needs to be eliminated?  What do you need to stop doing?  What do you need to start doing?  (Don’t feel like you have to answer all of these questions, just pick the ones that resonate with you)

Why first thing in the morning?  One reason is so that you can feel good about your day   knowing you are living out your priorities.  Another reason is because the likelihood of you accomplishing these things later in the day is smaller.  You have no idea what a day will bring and even IF you will have time later.  Also, studies show that our resolve and discipline tapers off throughout the day.  So, let’s help ourselves and make the most important things happen first!

The principle, not the rule.  My most important things do not always happen first thing in the morning.  Sometimes it is just a logistical thing and the schedule for the day just does not allow it.  What I recommend you do is hold to the principle here and decide when it fits into your DAY, not necessarily first thing in the morning.  The goal is to approach your priorities as super important and hold to it like you would any other appointment.  When you get this habit and do it consistently, you will feel such a difference by the end of the day!  The satisfaction of living out your priorities is totally addicting, in a good way 😉

Action steps.  Pull out your calendar (if you are still using a paper calendar like me 😉 ) or grab your phone and look over your week.  Think through how you can add value to your mornings by doing what is most important to you.  What needs to shift?  I want you to pick ONE thing to let go of and ONE thing to add in to your week.  Just like in the video demonstration, by letting one thing go, you can create space for something else.  And this will make your day feel more full and satisfying.  Now, that is a good thing!!!

Taking it further.  Did this exercise get you excited to make changes?  Would you like more in-depth help understanding how to do this?  I did a great course by Crystal Paine called “Makeover Your Mornings.”  It is a 14 day course.  She provides online videos to introduce the topics and a downloadable workbook to work through the content.  To be honest, it took me MONTHS to accomplish it!  Obviously, I am slower on implementing things.  Especially when it involves mornings 😉  If you are interested in checking it out, here is the link: Makeover Your Mornings course.

**This post does contain an affiliate link.  This does not change the cost for you to purchase the item.  I only recommend products or services that I have personally tried and feel might be beneficial for you.**

Other books that I have read that are helping me to walk this out for myself.  If anyone is interested, I might do a post with cliff notes for each of these books.  Comment below if you would be interested in that and let me know which book you would prefer.

  • 5am Miracle by Jeff Sanders
  • Desperate Households by Kathy Peel
  • Taming the To Do List by Glynnis Whitwer

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