If you have not read Laying a Strong Foundation: Makeover your morning, make sure you do!!  The video demonstration will be super helpful as you evaluate changes in your days.  Click here to read it.

Makeover your evening

Why is the evening important?  Because it sets you up for success the next day!  To change the course of your morning, it starts the night before.  By adding a few key habits to your evening, your next morning AND your day can look TOTALLY different!  I will share with you these key habits, describe the impact they can have and give ideas on how to implement them.

Are you ready for your days to look different?  Then, let’s get started!

Get quality sleep.  Yes, this is not an exciting idea or new concept, but this is KEY to a successful day.  While you are sleeping (a great movie, right?!?! 😉 ),  your body is being restored and rejuvenated; there are “conversations” that are being completed that balance your hormones; and you are making a deposit INTO your energy bank.  Just to name a few!

If your body is worn down and tired, you will end up sluggish and craving things all day because your brain is trying to tell you that it needs “more” of something.  You then interpret the message as more sugar or caffeine, but really it’s just that you are deficient on sleep and do not have the necessary energy to run your body for the day.  I could totally do a whole post on this topic (and maybe one day I will), but for the sake of being concise, I will limit it here to a few points about how to get more quality sleep:

  • The best restorative sleep happens between 10:00pm – midnight.  If you are going to bed after that, even if you sleep in later and get the same hours of sleep, it is not as beneficial as the sleep you get between 10:00pm – midnight.  Actually, for me, I have learned that I need to be in bed ready to sleep before 11:30.  If not, I start catching my second wind and it is harder to wind down for sleep.
  • Help your brain “power down” by turning off electronics at least one hour before bed, but ideally more than that.  Light and electronics stimulate the brain and make it harder to be ready for sleep.
  • Limit caffeine consumption in the afternoon and evenings.  It is recommended to not consume any caffeine after 4:00pm, but if you are very sensitive to caffeine you may need to stop by 1:00pm.

Brain dump.  What in the world is a brain dump?  Try to imagine all of the commitments, errands, activities, tasks and things you have floating around in your mind right now.  What you may not realize is that all of the things swirling around in there are taking up precious brain space and depleting your energy.  Hence, the brain dump.  Let’s get them all out of there to free your mind up to run more effectively.  How?  Glad you asked 😉

  • First, keep a notepad and pen in your bedroom.  Make a list of everything that is swirling around in your mind.  Don’t overthink it or stress about it.  Just let it all flow out.  Once the list feels complete, put a star next to the items that are important to remember for the next day.  You will deal with them in the morning.
  • Now your mind is freed up and ready to relax and go to sleep.
  • In the morning, read over your list and pick the most important items that need to happen that day and put them right into your calendar as an appointment and mark them off your brain dump list.
  • Keep the notepad as your storehouse of thoughts OR you can add a page to your calendar where you keep a running list and check it daily or weekly.

Can you feel your brain space increasing?!?!  How easy is that!!!

Setting yourself up for success.  This just involves thinking over your next day.  What needs to be done?  What do you need to prepare?  Develop a paper calendar or a digital system (phone or computer), whatever works for you.  Look over your day and add in to do’s that will help you be successful the next day.

Actually, what has really helped me is taking it back another step by evaluating my week.  On Sunday nights, I sit down with Eric and we talk over our week.  We share any events that the other one should be aware of (if we did not share the event on our shared icalendar).  We are intentional about things that are important to us and make sure they show up on our calendar (if you need help with this, go back and read this post).  This helps us make sure kid activities are covered, who needs to be where and when and that we schedule in quality time with each other.

Action Step.  I want you to think about your mornings.  What is the MOST stressful thing about your morning?  If you could tweak one thing that could have a HUGE impact on your next day, what would it be?  Once you have identified what you can do to change the next morning, I want you to determine how you can implement that in the evening.  What ONE thing can you do TONIGHT that will change tomorrow morning?  Is it getting more quality sleep?  What do you need to do that?  Is it preparing lunches?  Is it making a list of what you need to do?  Find one thing that you can do and IMPLEMENT it tonight.  See how different you can make your day.

Taking it further.  If you really want to make changes in your evenings to set you up for success the next day and you want more help and direction, I highly recommend Makeover Your Evenings by Crystal Paine.  I purchased this course because I knew I needed it!!  I am not a naturally organized person, especially with my schedule.  I have to work really hard to try and function that way.  Crystal’s course helped me change my evenings to set me up for success the next day.  Speaking of the course, I am remembering I still have a day or two to complete in it 😉  I am adding that to my calendar right now to complete it!!!  Click Here if you would like to check out the course.

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