This month, the focus is Let’s Get Moving!!!  Here are the topics we will cover:

  1. Preparing for movement
  2. Find something you enjoy doing
  3. Let’s do this!
  4. What you measure, you can improve

Before you can begin to move, sometimes you need to get ready for it.  That is why the focus for this week is. . .

Preparing for Movement

What do you need to do to be ready for movement?  Do you need clearance from your doctor?  Do you need to get a pain checked out?  Do you need to purchase new gym shoes, or get comfortable clothing?  Do you need to join a gym?  Do you need to ask someone to join you as you commit to move more?  What is it that you need to do so that moving more is the next step?

If you did not come up with anything, another question might be, “If you had to start a new movement class tomorrow, what does that bring about for you?  Is there a fear that comes up?”  Pay attention to what pops up in your mind.  This is giving you a clue as to what is holding you back from moving more right now.  Are you afraid you will re-injure something?  Are you nervous about how you will look while doing the class?  Are you afraid of trying something by yourself?  Are you just too tired to do something active?

These are the emotional roadblocks that hinder your efforts to get healthier.  If I were working with you as your Health Coach, I would have you sit with these feelings for a moment to try and understand what is really going on for you.  Then, I would help you brainstorm ways to overcome them.  Because a roadblock is only as effective as you let it be!  You have a choice in what you do with it.  You can a) walk around it; b) jump over it; c) move it.  You have a choice.  It will only stop you as long as you let it!  For the sake of your health, don’t let it remain a roadblock, find a way around it!!!  If you need help, message me.  I would love to help you obliterate your roadblocks so you can be the healthy, happy person you are meant to be!!!

Action Step.  Whatever step you decide you need to do, I want you to put it on your calendar right now.  Whether it’s making an appointment, calling a friend, shopping, making an appointment with me, whatever it is, put it on your calendar.  Seriously, right now 😉

I would LOVE for you to comment below and let me know what step you are taking, so I can celebrate with you 🙂


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