Me.  I am a feeling-oriented, creative, caring, learner and personal growth junkie!  I am always on a quest to learn something new, try something else and find that perfect resource for me or someone I know.  I can be outgoing at times, but I am definitely an introvert.  Small talk makes me uncomfortable.  I much prefer deep, heart-felt conversations.  Probably why Health Coaching is so rewarding for me!!!!

This website.  Is a labor of love.  This website is a dream fulfilled for me.  A place where I can share my struggles and my growth; share resources that have helped me and might help you; show how I modify recipes and anything else that I think might be helpful.  My hope is that, as you read my posts, you’ll begin to hear me cheering you on, as if I’m right there as you take each step on your journey towards greater health!

LOVE this guy!  He keeps me sane, grounded and makes the journey enjoyable.

My background.  I grew up in a small town, (with only one stop light, my husband will add) Fayetteville, Ohio.  I had a loving family, great friends and kept very busy with sports and activities.  I attended Bluffton College (University now!) and graduated with a BA in Food and Nutrition:Dietetics.  I graduated, married my college sweetheart and we packed our few belongings and headed to North Carolina, because we could!!!  My husband had a teaching job and the plan was for me to apply for an internship in the area then become an RD.  Then we found out we were starting our family!!!  My professional goals were put on hold as I chose to focus solely on raising our children.  If you know me, you know I cannot focus on just ONE thing, so I found plenty of ways to serve, encourage and help others as I raised our two active, fun-loving boys.  After four years, we moved back to Ohio to be closer to family.  Two more kids and a few years later, I went through some health issues.  After researching and implementing different changes, I experienced a shift in my health.  That led me on a search to find ways that I could help others experience results in their health too.  Which leads into my experience.

My experience. Seems a little daunting, but I will attempt to make this concise for your sake and not get too emotional here, just list practical experience 😉

  • Nutritionist.  BA in Food and Nutrition:Dietetics from Bluffton University
  • Health Coach certification from Health Coach Institute
  • Health Coach training with Institute for Nutritional Leadership, led by Dr. Axe
  • The Hormone Cure training, led by Dr. Sara Gottfried
  • DIET FREE facilitator.  10 week program designed by Zonya Foco
  • REFIT instructor
  • Homeschooling mother of four (not necessarily a job title, but definitely experience!)
  • Personal life change.  I made lifestyle and dietary changes in my own life that allowed me to get off depression medication, lose weight, increase my mental clarity and energy levels.

Shew!  I did it.  And no tears, well, maybe the hint of one 😉

What makes me happy.  Scrapbooking.  Daisies and yellow roses.  Being in the sun.  Knowing The Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Spending time with my family and friends.  Reading a good book.  Drinking a good cup of tea with a scone or a cookie (Gasp!  I know.  I am a Health Coach, but I do enjoy a good reduced sugar, all-natural, gluten free homemade cookie).  My favorite Mother’s Day involves fresh flowers and a hike with my family.

My happy place – – my toes in the sand and the sun on my face.