Fall Workshop Series



Are you ready for transformational information?  Are you ready to learn more about the following topics in a way that shifts your mindset so that taking action becomes easier?  If so, read through the topics then click the link above to purchase this incredible series!

Weight Loss: Are you tired?  Do you feel heavy?  Do you feel stuck in your own body?  Are you frustrated with trying every diet known to man and seeing no lasting results?  Then, you NEED to listen to this workshop and learn steps you can take to transform your mind AND your body to allow for permanent weight loss.

Thyroid Health: Would you like to know how to support your thyroid better?  Would you like to understand other factors that directly affect the function of the thyroid?  Would you like to know what foods to eat and what to avoid to support the thyroid?  I want to empower you to give your thyroid the love and support it needs 🙂

Brain & Mood Health: Do you want to know the top 7 things that sabotage your mind?  Do you want to know the top 10 foods for brain and mood health?  Then, don’t miss this workshop!

Stress Reduction: This workshop will be loaded!  l have an assessment that will help you understand your current stress level and what to do about it.  I will help you understand WHY you need to reduce stress.  Lastly, I will show you HOW to reduce your stress – what I share just might surprise you!

This series will begin the week of October 8th, with an informational webinar on one of the 4 topics above.  The following week, there is no video, but will allow you time to think about and implement what you learned from the webinar.  We are inundated with information, so taking an additional week to process what you learned and make changes, will set you up for success.


Fall Workshop Series Schedule

October 8th, Workshop #1: Weight Loss

October 22nd, Workshop #2: Thyroid Health

November 5th, Workshop #3: Brain and Mood Health

November 19th, Workshop #4: Stress Reduction